Online Training

Autism SA Family and Professional Workshops are now being offered as online webinars, making all our workshops available via video conferencing.

Our workshop presenters come from many different teams across our organisation to teach on many autism related topics. All our workshops are offered as either a ‘General Workshop’ which build a basic understanding of different topics, or an ‘In Focus Workshop’ which is a more detailed learning on a specific topic.

All our workshops are interactive, meaning that participants have the opportunity to speak with others in the workshop, talk with the presenter, and work on real examples to help with building understanding of a topic.

Family Workshops

These workshops are suited for families, extended families, and carers of a person on the autism spectrum. They are designed to provide simple to create strategies for use at home and out in the community to help support a person on the autism spectrum.

For information on the different topics available, please visit our Family Workshops pages here:

Professionals Workshops

These workshops are designed as Professional Development (PD) for people who support individuals on the spectrum including those working in an educational setting. These workshops are designed to provide an understanding of autism, easy to implement strategies for a range of settings, with a focus on the classroom, playground and school environment. These are not only effective on students who are on the spectrum but can be used as a whole class approach and help create a positive learning environment for all students in the classroom.

For more information please visit our PD training pages here:

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