Glossary Of Terms

We have briefly explained the most commonly used terms below, if you would like clarity on any other terms please contact us


The video conference platform that is primarily used at Autism SA for telehealth appointments.


Onedrive is a cloud-based storage system for users of Microsoft, where files intended for sharing with others can be saved and shared.


A video conferencing program that is sometimes used for group participation, or telehealth appointments

Dial in

Dial in is used when access to a computer system or service is done by a telephone line.

Online workshop

Online workshops are delivered in real time, live by an Autism SA presenter

Email resources

Resources that are shared via email

Live therapy sessions

This means the therapy session is delivered to you face to face and in person with your therapist, or other support staff.


Like telehealth, teletherapy is the delivery of a therapy session online via video conferencing.


A web address that you can click. These links are used for online groups, training and telehealth so that you can click on the weblink and directly access your session.