Autism Online

Welcome to Autism Online. This site provides a single easy to use location for:

  • Finding up to date information on the Autism SA services and supports that have been transformed to be delivered online;
  • What you need to do to book an online service; and
  • Requesting a call back for more information and guidance.

Groups, Training and Telehealth services are now available to anyone, no matter where you are located.

What is an Online Service?

An Online Service refers to a service or support that can be accessed over the internet via video conferencing. This means that anyone who has access to a smart phone, tablet, or computer, and access to the internet can request to attend our Online Groups, Online Trainings and Online Therapy services from a location without a physical setting.

Autism SA is now providing a number of alternative service types for many of our services and supports that have traditionally been available through face-to-face sessions only. We are pleased to offer a number of these as Online services and supports.

What happens in an online appointment?

It is easy to participate in an telehealth appointment, or an online group or workshop webinar.

Once registered to attend a session, an Autism SA team member will contact you, and give you details on how to you will be able to participate. In most cases this will involve sending you a weblink and password for access to your telehealth appointment via video conferencing. If you have selected to have a phone appointment, you will receive a phone call from your Autism SA specialist at your appointment time. To ensure you get the most out of your session, please ensure you are available and prepared for your appointment at your scheduled time.

Benefits of online services

Save time/ convenience

Access from your home with no wait time


Alternative where face to face not available

Most devices

Accessible by computer, phone or tablet with internet connection 

NDIS funding

NDIS funding can be used to access our online services.


Your session can be delivered safely, avoiding any risk to exposure, or spread, of COVID-19

Therapist knowledge

Therapist can easily adapt your session to suit your home, using equipment that is available to you

Familiar location

Sessions can be more comfortable for you  surrounded by a familiar environment


Accessible from anywhere in Australia, including remote locations, distance is no barrier

What services are available on Autism Online?

Click below to find out more on the services you are most interested in.

Autism SA has a number of groups which have been successfully transitioned to online groups.

Autism SA has transitioned a number of services online to assist those clients who are not able to attend sessions at our offices.


All Autism SA Family and Professional Workshops are now being offered as online webinars, making all our workshops available via video conferencing.

What equipment do I need to access an Online Service?

To be able to participate in an Online Group, Online Training, or Online Teletherapy session, there are a few items you will need to make it a successful session:

Digital Device

A smart phone or tablet (like and Apple iPhone/iPad, or a Samsung Galaxy/Notebook), or a desktop computer or laptop with a web camera and microphone.


An internet connection, which can be either through a home internet provider or data on your smart device.


A well-lit, comfortable and quiet space to use during your session.

Sensory Items

Any sensory items, like fidgets, cushions, or blankets that will help make your session comfortable.

Find out more about booking a service?

If you are interested in attending an online group, training, or a telehealth appointment, please leave your details on this contact us form, identifying which online services you are most interested in. Once your details are received, one of our friendly Pathways Consultants will contact you to help you get started.

Complete the below details and we will contact you.

“I look forward to Art Steps Online each week as it is a designated time to do art and I get to be in the company of others who I can easily relate to...” Mikayla

“I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have the [Online] group to talk to”

“I like learning this way [Online], it helps ease my anxiety”

“Next Step Online gives me a chance to talk about what is going on and what it means for me”

What other options do I have to access services and supports ?

If you do not wish to attend a session via video conferencing, or don’t have access to the right equipment, there are other ways to access services and or supports with us. These include:

Phone calls

Ask your Autism SA team member, or a Pathways Consultant about correspondence, or supports delivered to you via telephone


Ask an Autism SA team member, or a Pathways Consultant about correspondence or supports delivered to you via post

Purchase resources

Range of resource available for purchase *coming soon*


Ask your Autism SA team member, or a Pathways Consultant about correspondence, or supports delivered to you via email

Safe face to face Sessions

Safe face to face sessions are available in the home, clinic, at school as well as in other settings.

Training videos

Find out more about online training videos & training resources *coming soon*